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Part of a two-hundred year legacy of furniture and textiles manufacturing in North Carolina, HBF is recognized for its timely design sensibility and timeless craftsmanship. By joining forces with leadin industry designers, HBF is committed to creating ingenious contract furnishings with an emphasis on craft, comfort, and sustainability. HBF’s mission is to continuously inspire its core audience of A&D specifiers as design arbiter and trusted partner in the realization of ambitiously considered commercial interiors.

HBF Textiles gives dimension to the lives and spaces of users, designers and communities through the essential qualities of fabric. Their expertise comes from understanding the inherent qualities of fabric–yarn, dyeing, spinning, structure, and weave. What they produce is not just textiles, but a larger web of relationships. Weaving textiles together with manufacturing and production, they are part of a two-hundred-year-old legacy of textile manufacturing within North Carolina. And, with like-minded mills and collaborators — locally and globally — they explore together the myriad of possibilities of what fabric can be.