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AREA is a New York-based bedding and home accessories company. Swedish founder and designer Anki Spets started AREA in 1990 to continue the Scandinavian tradition of good design for every day. 

MINNA is a tight-knit team of artists, creators, and thinkers based in Hudson, New York. MINNA is a queer led business, which informs its approach to just about everything it does. MINNA believes in creating beautiful, ethically made products and using business to do good.

MINNA was founded by Sara Berks in 2013 in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Hudson, New York in 2016, where its storefront and studio are now located. MINNA works collaboratively to create multipurpose products by collaborating with master artisans in Central and South America which ensures craft preservation and job creation in these regions.

MINNA’s patterns, colors, and textures are meant to be mixed, matched, and layered for today’s modern home. Designs are informed and inspired by Feminist art, the Bauhaus, traditional craft, and vintage textiles.

The name MINNA comes from Sara’s maternal grandmother’s name, dropped upon her arrival to the United States from Germany in 1940. Sara loved this story: nostalgic with a touch of rebellion.