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Simone Bodmer-Turner

Born in 1990 in Berkeley, CA, Simone Bodmer-Turner’s multidisciplinary Brooklyn studio is built around the foundation of her design line of ceramic vases, The Permanent Collection. Introduced in 2018, the collection was designed to be a timeless, complimentary group of curvy ceramic forms, emphasizing the power of negative space, intended for minimal floral arranging or to stand on their own as sculptural objects.

Over the course of 2021 and beginning 2022, the studio has transitioned into focusing on supporting Simone’s personal work of sculpture, creating custom interiors in plaster, and a body of ceramic furniture. She has shown work with Egg Collective and Matter in New York, and worked with showrooms in Paris, Tokyo, and Melbourne, but is currently working independently and developing her body of sculptural works while preparing for her first solo show at Matter.