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Founded by Hiroki Odo in 2021, THE GALLERY is a new arts & cultural space located in New York City’s historic Flatiron District. Although the well-known chef is a newly minted gallerist, his interest in the arts have extended far beyond the culinary for many years. His passion for creative expression through mixed media art, food styling, interior design, product creation, and community building, led him to establishing THE GALLERY, where he regularly hosts art exhibitions.

Chef Odo is excited to work with emerging as well as established artists who are interested in exploring intriguing and innovative ideas through art. He hopes that THE GALLERY will become a respectable platform in the highly competitive arts & culture industry.

But, THE GALLERY is also a platform for Chef Odo to explore his passion for creative cuisine as a Michelin-starred chef. Highlighting the artistic side of Japan’s long-established culinary traditions, Odo is eager to surprise patrons with newly crafted menus that he will serve each season for visitors both to his restaurant, o.d.o., and to THE GALLERY.